Centrál Drinks

Implementation of the FusionR SFA field representative (mobile CRM) system for Central-Drinks Kft.

Central-Drinks Kft. is a beverage wholesale company and a member of the CBA Franchise network. It currently serves thousands of customers from 12 locations in Budapest and the central Hungarian region, moving a total of hundreds of thousands of hectoliters of goods. The company’s sales in 2012 was twenty billion forints, which consisted of a total of one million customer orders.

Central-Drinks Kft. wanted to replace its existing Windows Mobile-based mobile sales management system from another supplier with a more modern solution. During the needs assessment before the implementation, the following requirements were listed:

On-line pricing directly from the VERK/400 ERP system, inventory and current account information during order entry.

  • On-line promotion and discount management based on data directly from the VERK/400 ERP system.
  • On-line orders placed directly in the VERK/400 ERP system with immediate processing.
  • Daily updated performance and sales statistics available for sales.
  • Storage and viewing of electronic brochures, information sheets and other materials.

As part of the New Széchenyi Plan tender supported by the European Union, Central-Drinks had access to the new FusionR SFA system with 30 users, which ran parallel to the old Windows Mobile-based solution during the transition.

After training, the users received the Huawei MediaPad 7 Lite devices running FusionR SFA and with the Android 4.0 operating system.

The implemented FusionR SFA system, in addition to many functional innovations, represents a multi-generational advance in data processing speed and user experience for Central-Drinks Kft.

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