FusionR Sales App is available on iPad and iPhone mobile devices

FusionR Sales App has been successful for many years on Android devices, develops together with Android versions, and now it is also available on Apple devices, which are increasingly popular in the business world in Hungary.

In the corporate sphere, the use of Apple products is increasingly common due to their practicality and reliability. In many cases, work is carried out on the iOS and iPadOS platforms, especially at the managerial level, but increasingly also at the employee level. In addition to practical factors, corporate information security is also a consideration: Apple products have highly integrated, self-produced hardware, software and services – they are able to create a closed system, where data protection is also integrated and ensured to a large extent. At the same time, the management of the devices is user-friendly and simple.

The FusionR Sales App – developed by R&R Software – is a suitable choice for companies for whom easy handling and a high degree of operational security and data protection are key.  Each application version update undergoes a double, reinforced quality check when released. In addition to the security provided by the platform, the FusionR Sales App specifically controls, manages and supports the daily field sales and marketing tasks; including route plan management, recording orders, travel records, filling out questionnaires, vacation and absence management, and many other capabilities, which you can read more about here. In addition to offline operation, users can record data even without a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection,  permanent internet connection is not required when using the application. With the help of a synchronization process, users can upload the recorded data at a time and place that suits them, and they can download the new data that has appeared in the meantime from the cloud. Support for off-line operation is essential if the user can be anywhere in the country during his work, it is not always possible that he is working under optimal conditions with good internet connection.

The majority of Apple users do their daily work on iPad tablets, on which the FusionR Sales App is easier to see due to the physical size of the display. However, according to experience so far, it is useful in many cases if users can work on smaller devices, so FusionR Sales App is also available on iPhone and iPad mobile devices. The application can be easily and simply adjusted to look in accordance with the customer’s image manual: This way, a unique, native iOS and iPadOS application can be created, which is transparent to use and facilitates the daily work of field representatives and managers.

The FusionR Sales App solution can be used as an integral part of the FusionR Sales product family, or independently – as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the systems of other suppliers. With the help of the integrated App, Calls, Portal and Net components of FusionR Sales, the „traditional” field representatives, telephone and online channels of the company’s commercial activity can be supported with an integrated IT solution.

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