Sales – anywhere, anytime

In many areas of life, it is necessary to be able to rely on our mobile devices even off-line.

FusionR Sales App can be used even without internet access, if there is not enough signal strength at the partner’s headquarters or premises. Thanks to the off-line operation of FusionR Sales App, field representatives can place orders and record data even without an active internet connection, so they can avoid unnecessary paper-based administration. If the Internet connection is available again, the FusionR Sales App application automatically sends the data registered in off-line mode to the central server.

The system is also suitable for calculating the value of an order based on previously downloaded prices, package offers and discounts in the case of off-line operation, so the customer can immediately receive feedback on the expected value of their order. There may be cases where real-time pricing is required and the calculated prices are only informative and the customer will only receive the actual prices after the network connection is restored.

After synchronization, the application includes – depending on parameterization – the article body, prices, package offers, discounts, or even the stock. The field representative and the customer can place the order in the consciousness of these information.

The FusionR Sales App solution can be used as an integral part of the FusionR Sales product family, or as an independent solution or integrated into the systems of other vendors. With the help of the integrated FusionR Sales solution, the „traditional” field representatives, telephone and online channels of the company’s commercial activity can be supported.

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