Simple and effective field work with FusionR Sales App

Supporting field work has not always been as simple and effective as it is in today’s digital revolution. The FusionR Sales App covers the three most important management aspects of field work: support, management and control. The coordinated, digitalized operation makes the sales and marketing tasks of the employees more efficient, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability.

Nowadays, appropriate information is a competitive advantage in the market: a lack of information can even lead to missed business opportunities. However, the availability of the necessary customer data is not a sufficient condition for successful sales and marketing activities. For employees working on field, only properly structured, up-to-date and accessible information ensures smooth, appropriately targeted activity implementation, with which the sales potential can be exploited to the greatest extent. FusionR Sales App supports field activities with targeted, quickly and easily accessible partner information based on real business needs, which has a positive effect on the company’s business activities in addition to the efficiency of the field employee.

The work carried out on field is quite diverse, so it can easily lead to dispersion and haste, which risks the quick and quality service of the customer, and thus the satisfaction. In addition to maintaining good customer relations during partner visits, performing sales activities is also key in the representative’s work. The integration and systematization of the tasks of the field work is essential, therefore the FusionR Sales App leads and controls the work of the field representatives and their managers at individual and even team level with centrally controlled, easily customizable, consolidated activities.

Without feedback even well-performed tasks can easily become worthless, so the quick use of information gathered in the field in decision-making is a real competitive advantage in sales. In addition to monitoring the fulfillment of the tasks performed on field, the consolidated, available market information provides significant help in making business decisions at company level quickly and well-founded. Based on 15 years of market experience, FusionR Sales App forms a transparent control system for field sales and marketing processes, as a result of which business operations can be easily done. Control is supported by management reporting tools designed to evaluate the work of field representatives and the automatic evaluation of performance indicators based on business interests.

The FusionR Sales App solution can be used as an integral part of the FusionR Sales product family, or independently – as a stand-alone solution or integrated into the systems of other suppliers. With the help of the integrated App, Calls, Portal and Net components of FusionR Sales, the „traditional” field representatives, telephone and online channels of the company’s commercial activity can be supported with an integrated IT solution.

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