Optimal route planning

It is essential for the field representatives to work effectively, to be able to prepare route plans in advance, and to be able to flexibly modify them, if necessary.

The route plan includes the units and shops that the representatives have to visit on the given day, where they have to deliver goods, take orders, or assess demand. The route plan can be put together in advance, determining the most optimal sequence taking into account the route and opening hours. The route plan prepared this way is available on the mobile device even as a map, and the representative can continuously monitor which units have already been visited and which are left.

Screenshot from FusionR Sales App

Preparing the optimal route plan is not always easy, representatives may visit certain stores weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even quarterly. FusionR Sales App offers the opportunity to create regular visits, the periods can be specified separately. The system notes the frequency of visits and prepares the route plan proposal for the given day or days for the representative based on the saved data. The order for the given day can of course be flexibly modified and rearranged if needed. The possibility of specifying the period reduces the number of mistakes, and less frequently visited partners are not forgotten either.

In addition to creating regular visits, FusionR Sales App provides the opportunity to create unique route plans and also for creating route templates, which representatives can use to create their own routes.

The completed plan can be viewed by the representatives in weekly and monthly view, where they can check the visits scheduled for the given day.

Adapting to the COVID19 pandemic, the R&R Software team has also created a special telephone visit function, which the representatives can use while they are working from home (e.g. questionnaire survey). On-site and telephone visits can be combined in a route plan, and different tasks can be assigned to each visit, thereby ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed.

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