In today’s less predictable market environment, maintaining competitiveness is an essential issue. For businesses operating in the commercial sector, IT development is neccessary for long-term survival and for optimalization the efficiency of sales processes.

For companies planning IT developments, the direction in the current market environment cannot always be determined easily. What kind of IT development is worth investing in that provides security in changing demand, while supporting the maintenance of operating costs at an optimal level in the long term? The answer is the FusionR Sales App system developed by R&R Software Zrt., which the company delivers to NAOS Hungary Kft.

NAOS Hungary Kft. has been present in Hungary since 1999, decided to replace their previous system with a CRM solution integrated with a management and control (SFA) solution to support their medical, pharmacy and cosmetology visitor colleagues in order to increase sales efficiency.

NAOS is a company present in more than 100 countries, one of the 50 largest beauty companies in the world, and one of the 10 largest French beauty companies.

The main business activities of the company:

NAOS and its brands (Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, Etat Pur), which are currently active in the skin care sector, but will be active in the human care sector in the future;
the NAOS Institute of Life Science, which works on large-scale research projects in the field of human care (health, beauty, well-being);
and the Initiatives and Financial Diversification divisions of NAOS, which manage investments in startup companies and individual human care organizations.

For NAOS Hungary, it is important that the company implementing its development plans flexibly handles its IT solutions needs, so after the preparatory phase, NAOS Hungary ordered the development from R&R Software. The customization, implementation and the training of FusionR Sales App started in September 2020.

R&R Software’s FusionR Sales App system is based on several years of experience in the FMCG sector, can also be utilized in the healthcare products market. Efficiency can be significantly increased if visitors receive a modern device that supports their daily routine. The tasks of medical, pharmacy and cosmetic visitors – field representatives – includes  partnership management, distributing product information, managing contracts and orders, and promoting products.

During a promotion for NAOS Hungary, the pharmacy visitor not only sees the amount of the discount at the end of a successful sale, but can also search for the products participating in the given promotion, and also see accurate data on the stock information of the products. During sales, back office users performing office tasks can help pharmacy visitors with products and promotions, thereby increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities.

In order to increase the efficiency of sales, an additional tool is the determination of the performance indicator (KPI) of pharmacy visitors and the turnover statement. The performance of pharmacy visitors can be planned and monitored with the individually defined KPI, and the traffic achieved in the period can be illustrated with the help of graphs with the cumulative traffic statements.

In 2020, in addition to the development of many functions, R&R Software designed a new user interface for the FusionR Sales App system, which is used for the first time at NAOS Hungary Kft.

From January 2021, 15 medical, pharmacy and beautician visitor of NAOS Hungary Kft. started their daily operative work with the FusionR Sales App system. The operation is supported by R&R Software Zrt. within the contractual terms.

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