FusionR Sales App Software implementation for Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar Ltd.

Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar Ltd. choosed R&R Software’s FusionR Sales (FusionR Sales App) for sales support.

Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar Ltd. (Törley) – operating in its current form since 2005 – is an internationally known and recognized sparkling wine cellar, with Hungarian founder, József Törley. On August 1, 1882, József Törley registered his company under the name “Törley József and Partner” at the Budapest Commercial Court. The history of Törley sparkling wines dates back almost a century and a half.

Törley has continually developed the factory and technology for sparkling wine – for example Törley was the first to introduce the process of freeze-drying (degassing) in Hungary. Thanks to this endeavour, the factory became the most modern Sparkling Wine Cellar in the country by the turn of the century. Over the following decades, the reputation and flavor of the Törley was known from America to Australia, and the factory had stores in Hamburg, Berlin and Copenhagen. The biggest recognition was that Törley was known in Paris as well.

Leaders of the Sparkling Wine Cellar realized that in order to support their field sales and marketing activities and to improve their competitiveness, they needed a state-of-the-art IT solution that would make the work of field representatives easier and more efficient. Törley was looking for a complex hardware and software service package that fully meets the expectations associated with the above activities. As a result, the Sparkling Wine Cellar contacted R&R Software in May 2018 and began to measure the manufacturer’s needs and discuss the details of the appropriate solution.

The FusionR Sales App solution tailored to Törley’s needs includes the following benefits and features:

  • Central control and oversight of the work of field representatives – “On Trade Managers” – using Android tablets.
  • Immediate access to up-to-date customer information on field, support for customer relationship (CRM) activities.
  • The ability to build a market, sales and marketing support database can be individually defined through questionnaires and their online processing.
  • Tablet rental service: Within the service, tablets serving the mobile client application of SFA software are provided by R&R Software Zrt. Tablet PC administration is handled by Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar Ltd.
  • Administrator and Key User Support, Service.
  • Providing virtual server hosting under PaaS Cloud service.

During the consultations between R&R Software’s experts got deeper insight into the expectations and were able to refine them quickly.

As a result of the preliminary consultations, Törley ordered R&R Software’s self-developed FusionR Sales App application as part of the complete solution in October 2018.

It enables the use of modern smartphones and tablets to support field representatives, organize and control their work. Operates with automatic data replication even when no mobile data connection is available due to lack of signal strength. Törley using the solution as Cloud service. R&R Software not only provides the business application and its support and maintanance service, also provides the mobile devices. The advantage of this solution is low initial investment, easily calculable maintenance costs and short implementation period.  Törley was able to start the sharp operational use in November 2018.

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